FAQs: TrueWealth Trade Alert Service

Here are the answers to your most commonly asked questions:

Which markets do you provide trade alerts for?

We apply our technical trading model, the LeadingTrader TrueWealth System to all the major markets: forex, commodities, stock indices, ETFs and the most liquid individual stocks.

Which is your preferred broker platform for executing the trades?

Our preferred trading platform is with our trusted broker, ETX Capital. We choose to trade with ETX Capital because they are a quality broker, they have a reliable and flexible platform, and friendly customer service. They have always been extremely helpful to our clients, which is why we and the majority of our traders use them. You can find all the markets we trade on their trading platform.

Will you be executing the trades live when you send out the alert?

Yes, one of the major qualities of our alerts service is that we will actually be placing every trade we call out, backed with our own capital. We will be executing the trades on the ETX Capital platform. You’ll have the peace of mind that we are in every trade that we have sent you an alert on.

Who sends out the trade alerts and what do they mean?

The trade alerts are issued by veteran trader, Simon Shepherd. Simon finds trade setups based on his proprietary TrueWealth formula. As soon as Simon places the trade, he will send out the alert. The alert simply means that Simon has taken a trade and it is for information purposes only. It is NOT a solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell any stock, forex, futures or any other trading instrument.

When will I receive the alerts?

That will depend on market conditions. As you can understand, in trading the markets there is no “set time” in advance for when a trade setup appears. Simon will send you high probability trade setups that meet the TrueWealth rules, when those setups “trigger” an entry signal.

What time of day will I receive the alerts?

The most likely time is between 8am GMT UK time to 9pm GMT UK time. This should provide ample opportunities for traders on all timezones around the world.

How often during the week will you send out the trade alerts?

This could vary depending on market conditions, as stated above. But on average, it is likely to be 2 alerts per week. There could be occasions where there may be 4 or 6 trade alerts on a single day, or maybe no alerts for a couple of weeks.

I am an active trader. Will your TrueWealth service benefit me?

Yes, the TrueWealth service will be of benefit to you even if you trade actively during the day or week. The trade alert service is not intended to replace your trades, but to supplement your trade analysis and information with more high probability trade setups. You can then decide what to do with the trade information. You can also continue with your own trading as usual.

What if I am not an active trader and do not have time to trade?

That is OK too. If you have a full-time job and do not have time to trade, you will have the advantage of receiving planned and researched trade setups delivered to your email. You can also see them inside the trade alerts portal. You’ll be able to see exactly when Simon enters and exits trades in real time. This will help you both with learning how to trade and how Simon makes trade decisions.

Will this service suit me if I am a new trader – or is it only for advanced traders?

The service is suitable for both new and advanced traders. Your level of experience will not prevent you from benefiting from the service. No matter what experience you have, we would encourage you to be mindful of managing risk. Often new traders underestimate the risks involved in trading (no matter what strategy or system you apply). So we would encourage you to adopt strict risk management and money management principles, as any good trader should.

How often is the trade alert portal updated?

The alerts portal is updated whenever a NEW trade alert is issued. Simon will also update the portal when a trade has been closed. Please note that the update in the portal that the trade has been closed will be made by Simon either by the end of the trading day or by the next trading day.

In regards stocks, will you trade the stock futures or stock indexes (i.e. the cash markets)?

We will be trading the major stock indexes, such as the Dow 30, S&P 500, Nasdaq, FTSE 100, Dax and so on.

In regards crude oil, will you be trading US Crude oil or Brent Crude?

US Crude oil. This is referred to in ETX Capital as “Nymex Crude”. Often the month of the futures is stated as well – for example: “Nymex Crude May Fut” or “Nymex Crude Sep Fut”, meaning it is a May or September contract respectively.

Are there any other market name variations I should know about?

Yes. Please see below the alternative names used by ETX Capital on their platform:

Dow Jones 30 index – referred to as “Wall Street”
S&P 500 index – referred to as “SP 500”
Nasdaq – referred to “US Tech 100”
FTSE 100 – referred to “UK 100”
Dax – referred to as “Germany 30”

How do I find the these markets in the ETX Capital trading platform?

Inside the ETX Capital platform, simply do a search for the NAME of the market (NOT the symbol). So if you are searching for Crude Oil or Dow 30, simply search for “crude” or “Wall Street” respectively. The exception is the forex markets which you can find by typing the symbol: e.g. EURUSD or USDJPY.

What if at the time of executing the trade, the market price is not the same as the “entry price” in the alert?

The entry price stated in the alert is for guidance and information purposes. This is to let you know the price that Simon has entered the market.

Can I share the information in the email alerts and the portal with my friends or colleagues?

No, the information we provide you in the email alerts and portal must not be distributed, as this would infringe the rules on copyright. Your friends and colleagues would need to get their own subscription to our service. Also you need to be aware that your friends and colleagues may not be aware of the risks involved in trading i.e. they may not be aware of how to manage the trade as per our rules.

Are your alerts financial or investment advice for me to copy?

No, all our trade alerts are for information and education purposes. They are designed to contribute to your overall understanding of various types of technical analysis and how we apply this information to the financial markets. We are in no way recommending the purchase, sale or short sale of any securities, options, futures or other financial instruments. Trading of stocks, options, and futures may not be suitable for everyone and may involve the risk of losing part of your money, all of your money, or in the case of futures, more than all of your money. We do not offer our various technical models and trade alerts as trading recommendations for you to copy. These models and alerts represent our own accounts and/or opinions and are intended to teach our style of short-term trading. For example, if the major stock indexes happen to be selling off day after day, members can review our alerts and actions taken in the trade alerts portal, emails and videos – and to see what we are thinking or doing, and how we are handling that type of situation. It is up to you to make your own decisions as to what you want to do with your own trading capital or portfolio.

Is there a video I can watch on how to use the TrueWealth service?

Yes, you can watch the TrueWealth training video on this link: Click Here.

I am a premium member. How long can I keep my special discount on the TrueWealth Alert service?

The discount on the TrueWealth Alert service (which is $97/month or $970/year) is ONLY for premium members, and only for as long as you continue to be a premium member. This is because we want to reward your loyalty to our premium service.

Will I keep my premium-member discount on the TrueWealth service if I am no longer a premium member?

No. If you discontinue your premium memberhship, you will automatically lose your special discount on the TrueWealth service. This means that your subscription will increase to the NON-member rate which is $147/month (or $1,470 per year).

To find out more about the benefits of being a premium member Click Here.

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