Simon Shepherd: Trader and Market Veteran

Simon Shepherd is a trader, mathematician and market veteran, known for creating the highly successful LeadingTrader TrueWealth Trading System.

  • Simon Shepherd served as an officer in Royal Navy Intelligence, then worked for British Aerospace on guided weapons design. 
  • He then spent over 25 years lecturing in maths and physics in several universities in Canada and the UK. 
  • He is the author of over 150 published papers, books and patents. 
  • Simon applied his┬ádeep knowledge of mathematics, data analysis, signal processing and machine learning to trading the markets with consistent performance. 
  • He has been trading independently for over 10 years.
Simon Shepherd trader

Simon Shepherd’s TrueWealth trading system has had one of the best track records among proven trading methods.

You can find out more about the TrueWealth system and the TrueWealth Trade Alert service by going to the links below:

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2) TrueWealth Trade Alerts

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