Live Trade Taken on the S&Ps

By Alessio Rastani – 10 May 2012
Please wait a few seconds for video to load. NOTE: Instructions for the Trade Set up is BELOW the video.

Instructions for the Trade Set up:

1. Place Keltner Channels (settings 25, 2.5) on a 5-min chart. Recommended charts and platform are by ETX or go to
2. Use higher time-frames such as the 60 minute to identify trend direction.
3. Once the market is in a squeeze start building positions in the direction of the momentum.
4. You can use MACD (Setting 8,21) or the Awesome Oscillator (setting 5,21) provided by ETX as the momentum.
5. Look for the top band of the Keltner channel as the initial profit target.
6. Once the top band is hit, buy pullbacks to the mid-band (vice-versa for selling short).
7. Place the stop-loss at the lower band of the Keltner Channel, and trail on a 21 Exp. Moving average.

(Use of TICK index is optional)

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