How To Use the LT Trend and LT Trend Ultra Indicators

By Alessio Rastani
Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the LT Trend and LT Trend Indicators:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the advantage of having the LT Trend and LT Ultra Indicators?

Trading is a bit like going into battle. In order to compete and be able to succeed in the battle you need to be properly equipped with the most recent and advanced tools (or weapons) at your disposal. You would never want to compete without the necessary tools. The Leading Trader (LT) indicators are designed to give you the edge you need to be victorious in your trading.

What does the LT Trend indicator do?

The LT Trend gives you a colourful representation of the market by removing a lot of the “noise” on the charts. It pinpoints specific trends and shows you whether buyers or seller have the edge. More importantly it allows you to hold on to winners longer. The best aspect of this indicator is that eliminates emotion from your trading, specifically your fears of loss and leaving money on the table.

So I can just use the LT Trend on its own?

No. The LT Trend works best when combined with another technical analysis tool such as support or resistance. I also like to combine it with momentum “breakout” type strategies such as the squeeze as a very useful exit signal (see the videos below).

How does the LT Trend Ultra differ from the LT Trend?

The “Ultra” indicator is practically similar to the LT Trend, with the exception that it colours the price bars yellow when there is a high probability reversal in the market. The LT Ultra does not paint every reversal yellow, but only the ones that it finds have the highest probability (between 70-80%). If the yellow reversal bar occurs at a point of strong support or resistance, this probability can increase as much as 80-90%.

Do I use the yellow LT “Ultra” signal as a point of entry or exit?

I personally prefer to use the “ultra” signal when I am in a trade to tighten up my stop and take partial profits. You could also use it to enter the market, but just be aware that you most likely will be going against the trend. So you need to reduce your position size and preferably scale in with small amounts.

So I don’t need to use a stop-loss with these indicators?

You must always use a stop-loss to manage and protect yourself against risk. No indicator on the planet is a substitute for proper and responsible risk management.

What about ETX Capital?

Yes. The good news is that ETX Capital does provide traders with an MT4 platform. Find out more by CLICKING HERE.

Can I share the indicators with others?

No. To share the indicators with other people would be a breach of our term of use. They would need to contact us to acquire the indicators. The indicators are designed for private individual use only and cannot be shared or resold.

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