11 Winning Trades in a day with this Indicator and Trade Setup

By Alessio Rastani – 14 March 2012
NOTE: Written instructions are below the video.
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Simple Instructions for Setting up the indicator

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How to set up & use the Indicator in 5 Simple Steps:
1. On your chart, insert Bollinger Bands (setting 20, 2) and Keltner Channels (setting 20, 1.5)
2. Insert a momentum indicator such as MACD (setting 8, 21, 9) or the “Awesome Indicator” provided by ETX
3. When Bollinger Bands are inside the Keltner Channels this is the squeeze signal (getting prepared for a move, but not entering yet).
4. When Bollinger Bands come outside of the Keltner Channels this is when the squeeze signal triggers for Entry. If momentum indicator is above zero this is a “long” or buy signal, if it is below zero this is “sell short” signal.
5. Use the Momentum indicator histogram (as shown in the video) to exit the markets. When the histogram spikes flatten out and move in the opposite direction of the original momentum, exit the markets or take partial profits.

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