Trading with Pro Divergence Class [Replay]

By Alessio Rastani – 15.03.2014
Press play and please allow a few minutes for video to load. Make sure you watch the recording in FULL.
Download the presentation slides PDF from below the video.

Presentation PDF:

Thank you for your great comments and feedback! Here’s a few of them:

“Another great webinar. I liked your tip about having a trading plan and paper trading first. That is why of all the people I’ve met in this game, your the only one I trust completely.”
Cliff M.

“I purchased yesterday the LT Pro Divergence and this morning already there was a very profitable tool on the GBPUSD pair on the 15 Minutes Charts I detected with your indicator! Once again it was very powerful! Works very well and I was really excited about in regards to my trading!”
Mark P.

“Many thanks Alessio – much appreciated. It was an excellent session and I’m very pleased and excited to have LT Pro Diveregence as part of my toolbox – also looking forward to V2!”
Derek K.

“Excellent seminar and lots of learning and studying for me. Thanks for all you share.”
Linda R.

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