Here’s what others said about the webinar:

Webinar exceeded expectations! Jack confirmed some ideas. This Webinar was a breath of fresh air.Jeff B.

I am watching it now and it is wonderful.Richard C.

Really enjoyed the relaxed nature of the interview! You organized your questions very well, by the way, which helped keep things moving! The part I really found interesting, apart from the clear emphasis on RISK MANAGEMENT.Gloria L.

I really enjoyed the interview. It was just great to have core principles and ideas refreshed so soon after having read the original Market Wizards for the first time. There were some GREAT questions from the audience too – especially the one about whether a trader needs to be a good mathematician. Interesting answer about intuition. Thanks so much Alessio. It really lived up to expectations. Comment about setting targets without risk to return ratios INVALUABLE advice. Really enjoyable interview.Denise A.

Good information and knowledge. Hope to attend many more in the future.Ashvin D.

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