FAQs: Installation of Indicators on MT4 (and ETX Capital MT4)

Here are some of your most frequently asked questions.

1. I cannot see my indicator on the “Custom Indicators” panel of MT4:

You cannot see your indicator in the custom indicators panel most likely because of two reasons:

1. Either you did not restart your MT4 to see the changes take effect; OR
2. You did not install the indicator correctly. Please be aware of the new installation procedure which has come into effect as a result of the new MT4 update. Click here to watch the video of the correct installation procedure.

2. I don’t see the indicator appear on my chart after I insert the indicator on to the chart.

This could be because you have not submitted to us the unique “registration key” of your indicator. Your indicator will require a unique code to be activated. This code can be found by double-clicking on the “Leading Trader Authorisation” short-cut on your desktop. You will need to copy this key and register it on this link: click here.

For a video of how to find your registration key and send it to us click here.

3. I have registered the key but I am still not seeing the indicator on the chart.

We suggest you re-start your MT4. Then remove the indicator from the chart. Insert the indicator into the chart again. IMPORTANT: when the box pops up on your screen, go to the commons tab and tick the box that says “Allow DLL Imports”. Click OK. This should fix the problem.

4. I cannot see the indicator on my chart. All I see is a flat line and completely blank.

Again, this could be because you did not tick “Allow DLL imports” after you placed the indicator on to the chart. Please read question 3 (above). Remove the indicator again, re-insert the indicator into the chart, then tick “Allow DLL imports” and click OK.

Also check that you have submitted the registration key with us as explained above in question 2.

5. I cannot find “Open Data Folder” on my MT4.

This is because you’re using the old version of MT4 (build 509). Please update your MT4 into build 600+ which you can do so from ETX Capital.

6. Is there a simple video I can watch on how to install?

Yes please see below:

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