How to install your indicator on Tradestation

How to install your indicator on Tradestation. Watch this video (no sound) and the written instructions are also below:

Written instructions:

1. First Download and UNZIP the indicator file (if applicable)

2. Go to File in Tradestation -> Import/export Easylanguage

3. Select “Import Easylanguage file (ELD, ELS or ELA)” and Next

4. Browse to the indicator ELD File and select, then Next

5. “Indicator” should be selected, then Next

6. “LT Edge” (or whichever indicator you wish to insert) should be selected,then Finish

7. It will give a brief message about Verifying, then display the message “You have successfully imported your analysis technique”.

8. Then right click on the chart and select “Insert Analysis Technique”.

9. And finally select your indicator (e.g. “LT Edge”), click OK and then indicator will appear on your chart.

10. Please NOTE: When you select your indicator, the indicator may be listed in the “PAINTBARS” tab, next to the indicators tab.

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