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Market Outlook: Too Early To Sound the Alarm on This?
7 August 2013

Market Outlook: This chart will tell you where Gold is going next
5 August 2013

Market Outlook: This is still my favourite trade and it’s NOT stocks
2 August 2013

Market Outlook: These Trades Look Good This Week
29th July 2013

Market Oulook: Flush This Down Lower?
24th July 2013

Market Outlook: This Could Be Dangerous
22nd July 2013

Market Outlook: Alessio and Kevin Talk Up The Markets
19 July 2013

Market Outlook: This is how you diversify (and it’s not what you might think…)
17 July 2013

Market Outlook: This Market is on Crack… (plus my new Gold target)
10th July 2013

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Member Training Videos

Beginners Guide To Trading | Learn How To Trade The Markets In Simple Language

Get Started in Trading

How To Predict the Next Move Using Fibonacci [Training Video]

Use this handy tool if you’re a bit cautious

The Single Greatest Investment Secret Ever Discovered

This Is How You Trade A Gap [Training Video]

How To Use The LT Pulse and LT Gamma Confirmation Indicators

3 Powerful Tools To Profit In A Recession

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Trader Open Position Ratios (Long or Short)

This data shows the percentage of “Retail” Traders (i.e. the majority of non-institutional traders) who have long or short positions on the markets. These traders are usually wrong. If you see extremes (e.g. over 80% long on EURUSD) be cautious about trading in that direction. (Note: XAU and XAG shows the positions on gold and silver markets).

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Currency Correlation Table

Trading Diary – Download


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