LTATS Algorithm FAQs

1) Do I need to enable the “auto trading” function in MT4?

No, this is NOT required. The 4xsolutions replicator will take care of everything.

2) Can I shut down my MT4 and computer?

Yes, you can. As long as you have set up your connection with 4xsolutions, then you do NOT need to have your MT4 or computer on.

3) What is the “capital to risk” function in 4xsolutions?

This feature puts a “ceiling” or maximum amount on your total capital, beyond which you do not wish to lose. 4xsolutions have said that you do NOT need to enter anything in this section (it is optional). You can leave it as default of zero. Ask 4xsolutions if you have any further questions about this.

4) What is the monthly fee for the “trade replicator”?

This is charged by 4xsolutions for their own replicator software. This is NOT charged by us. We do NOT charge for the LTATS. Your 6-month subscription to the LTATS algorithm is FREE.

5) What is the minimum amount I can start with?

This is a matter for you and your broker. Your broker will have guidelines on the minimum amount. We do not make this decision for you. What is MORE important is the amount you have at risk per trade.

6) Can I risk LESS than 1% per trade?

Yes this is possible, and also a good idea for reducing risk. You can set your “amount to mirror” setting in 4xsolutions to 250% and this is 0.5% risk per trade. And 500% would be 1% risk per trade. (This is based on the algorithm taking a 0.2% risk per trade.)

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT ask our support team whether any trades have been placed. This would be appreciated. As long as you have set up your connection with 4xsolutions correctly, you will be able to see the LTATS trades in your MT4 or 4xsolutions platform.

7) No trades have been copied on my MT4 account, even though the algo has taken trades. Why is this?

There could be 2 possible reasons: (a) Firstly, it is possible that you have not configured your 4xSolutions account correctly. You will need to look at your 4xSolutions settings and configure them properly (please speak with 4xSols if necessary). (b) The second possible reason is that your MT4 broker has not activated your trading account – some other issue related to your MT4. Please speak to your broker for assistance.

8) Can I move my stoploss manually to a different position?

4xSolutions have informed us that it is NOT possible for customers to move their stoploss during a trade that is initiated by the algorithm, UNLESS you disable the algo on your 4xsolutions account (not something we recommend). The reason appears to be because if you move your stoploss manually during an algorithmic trade, your MT4 will automatically move the stop back to where the algo has placed it. This is due to the way 4xSolutions have programmed their software. 4xSolutions (4xSols) say that the only way you can move your stop manually to its new position is if you “disable” the algo on your 4xSols account. However, if you do this, then the replicator will NOT be able to copy any new trades on your account, and any existing positions on your account can no longer be managed. So in conclusion, this is a matter for you. We personally do not recommend this action step of “disabling”, but the option is there. In any case, the stop-loss positioning is automatically managed by the algorithm.

9) How can I move my stoploss, if I decide to do so?

First please see point 8 above. The stop-loss positioning is automatically managed by the algorithm. However, if you want to, YES you can move the stop to a different position (provided the new position is allowed by your broker). You simply right-click on the open trade position in your MT4, and select “Modify or Delete Order”. Then you can modify the stoploss to a different price level. Alternatively, you can also do this on the MT4 chart by simply dragging the stoploss (shown as a red line) to a different level. For more details, see this article.

10) Can I close an open position?

Yes you can, if you want, close a trade by simply double-clicking on the open trade position in your MT4 terminal, and then selecting the big yellow “close” button in the order management window. For more, see this article.

11) Can I take a partial profit on a position that is in gains?

Again, this is also managed automatically by the algorithm. And YES, if you want, you can do a partial close of a position, such as closing HALF or one-third of a position. You would simply follow the same steps explained above in Question 10 – EXCEPT: you would need to reduce the amount stated in the “volume” section (e.g. by half or one-third), before you press the big yellow “close” button. For example, if the volume says 1, and you want to close the position by HALF (50%), then you would change the volume to 0.5 and click “close”. This would allow the remaining 0.5 position to stay open.

12) How can I exclude certain markets from being traded on my account?

In 4xsolutions, in the trading accounts tab, go to “Advanced Settings”. You can choose to exclude any instruments (or markets) that you don’t want. You simply click the field called “Excluded Instruments” to get a drop down. Then select any pair from that drop down and it will exclude that pair. For example, if you don’t want the GBPUSD trades, then you would select this and that pair would not copy to your trading account.

13) If I choose not to enter any new trade positions for a temporary period, how do I do that?

It’s very simple. In 4xsolutions, you can go to “Portfolio Items” – which is where you set the money management. You can click “Delete” in the portfolio item. It is a single button in the portfolio items tab. IF you delete the portfolio item in the portfolio items tab, then you will not receive any new trades until you add a NEW portfolio item by clicking +NEW in the same tab. However, existing open positions will still be managed automatically. You can delete the portfolio at any time. Once deleted no new trades will be copied until you add a new portfolio item. Again, when you want to receive new trades you can click +NEW in the portfolio items tab to set your money management.
PLEASE NOTE: if the you click “Disable” in the trading accounts tab, then the algorithm (or trade copier) will take no action on the account (so any open positions will not be managed).

14) Will my broker charge me for holding an open position overnight?

Yes, nearly all brokers charge a small “rollover fee” for holding a leveraged open position overnight. The fee amount will depend on the size of your position and is set by each broker. This fee needs to be factored in as a separate “cost” of trading – similar to the spread, any commissions or other charges.

15) If a trade is closed by the algorithm, will it also close on my account?

Yes that is correct. All actions by the algorithm – such as closing a trade – will be mirrored on your account (unless you click “disable” in the 4xsolutions trading accounts tab).

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