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  1. shano

    You are wrong about the transaction tax. third party derivatives should be taxed out of existence. High speed trading should be taxed. When the market is rigged, taxation is a way to bring balance back to the system.

  2. Fred Smith

    How can Gold be in a bubble when less than 2%of the population own it.

  3. Fred Smith

    What I should have said was less than two per cent of investors.

  4. kevin

    I think people who still want to invest but want to stay safer should look at REITs or get into a real estate investing group (they pool money for larger projects like malls, apartments).Alessio seems pretty genuine in his forecasts of more down before any up. A good rule is diversification, if you pick out 3 safe options, chances are you will come out ok.

  5. fabio

    Alessio OVI platform uses the indicator, his partner Guy Cohen says in the videos and is very interesting ….. thanks …

  6. Didi Muntu

    I agree with Shano.
    A transaction tax will hinder high-frequency trading and thus lower the unfair advantage high-frequency traders have got over small investors.

  7. Bruce Nelson

    Thanks, Alessio! I found your answers very informative.

  8. Hannes

    Alessio, whats your opinion on the EU trying to prohibit short selling?

  9. Jason Palmer

    your a genius !

  10. Thanks Jase – I very much doubt I am a genius. cheers.

  11. Thanks Fabio. Hopefully the OVI is working out for you.