This Will Shock Many Americans By 2015 | U.S. Oil Output to Overtake Saudi Arabia

Oil Drill

A storm is coming and it is my belief that many Americans will be caught unaware of it until it is too late…

What “storm” am I talking about?

Earlier this month, in an online seminar, I brought to your attention the fact that Goldman Sachs, the most dominant investment bank in the world, is now predicting that America – the good old USA – will outspace Saudi Arabia in oil production before the end of this decade. From 8.9 to 10.7 bn barrels per year by 2017.

Only a few weeks after I mentioned this to Leading Trader subscribers, Bloomberg reported that the International Energy Agency had confirmed this:

“U.S. oil output is poised to surpass Saudi Arabia’s in the next decade, making the world’s biggest fuel consumer almost self-reliant and putting it on track to become a net exporter.”

This means that the world is far from reaching “peak oil”.

One thing is for certain.

By 2015, this will usher a new economic age for America, and the political implications of this are too enormous to cover here.

By the time most people wise up to this fact, it will be too late and the opportunities to profit will be lost. I will cover these in the run up to the New Year.

In my next online seminar, you’ll be able to learn how to take advantage of existing opportunities in the stock markets by looking where nobody else is looking.

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  1. There are still many misunderstandings about what this potential for growth will mean in reality. It is more costly to extract via new technologies – fracking and shale and there is a growing movement to slow down mineral and fossil fuel exploitation, where environmental pollution is a significant risk.
    In terms of ROI, there is increased competition from renewables, which despite propoganda to the contrary are increasingly on a par for sustainable energy supply. Even if there is a peak in new sources of fossil fuels, this is merely filling the gap until the inevitable peak comes that bit later than predicted.
    If GoldmanSachs are saying this, it does not surprise me. Are they not served by the interests of Big Oil?There are so many reasons to refute not just GS’s position but even the IEA – who let’s remember have got many things wrong before. Do a search on YouTube for ‘Capital Account’ (Oil and Shale or Peak Oil). There are some commentators who have good reasons to be sceptical about the statistics here and the reasoning behind the claims. Another good read (albeit slightly dated already, but valid nevertheless) would be’Investing in Renewable Energy’ published by Angel Research, Authors Chris Nelder and Nick Hodge. I can recommend their newsletter also. No BS. Good sound back research and industry knowledge.

  2. Hi Denise – thank you for the great feedback on this article. Yes I do see your point. I know Goldman Sachs have got it wrong before, and what you say is fair. However, I do believe they and the IEA are right about this – I have other sources which back this up (more on that soon). Have a great one. Cheers.

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