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  1. Sorry, but you are full of crap Alessio! You’re the best day trading contrarian indicator I have seen in years.

  2. Hi Tonto – I am sorry you feel that way but with respect, I am not sure you know what you’re talking about. Markets are constantly changing, and there is only so much that analysis can do. There are a lot of surprises that happen (as for example on Monday) that most traders are unprepared for and we have to react to those changes. I don’t claim to hold a crystal bowl and admittedly sometimes we get it right, and sometimes we get it wrong. I am focused on following my setups and strategies – and listening to the markets if they change their mind. Thanks.

  3. craig james forsyth

    alessio, you stated on bbc, which i thought was great, as to awakening people up to financial armagedon, which i think is coming, but maybe differ slightly, as i think is being manufactured, so they can, eventually bring in, a one world currency, but could you explain when you said millions of peoples savings will vanish, do you mean, from the stock market or do you mean from their bank accounts, if the banks collapse, is my savings, toast, as you say, could you explain, ps i also invest in oil stocks, with proven reserves, as with demand, re asia, china will be high, also gold, pretty safe, also maybe the american dollar might collapse, thanks craig