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  1. Thanks for the mention!

  2. mloren

    I thought this was a superfical article. Apple made great products. I am currently writing this on an apple notebook. I was at a national meeting yesterday and used my Ipod touch to view slides and look up info on the web. The key point of Jobs was he was a perfectionist with his particular focus. He had a desire to develop elegant products. He surrounded himself by smart people to implement his designs/dreams. Finally it is nice to have great electronics, but in the end, Jobs main focus was his guarded privacy and relationships with his own famiy. We live in an age of stars and icons= its all air.

  3. Mohsen

    Have you stopped trading for the last 10 days? What do you have to say about trading on these days?

  4. Still trading the same as usual Mohsen. Volatility has died down a little on stocks in last few days but I am trading Gold recently. I would say as far as stocks go, I would be cautious about shorting – momentum is still to the upside. cheers.

  5. Good read. IF Steve Jobs had been born and raised in a place like Syria, it would have been unlikely for him to create Apple. Luck of birth, circumstance and environment would affect people.

  6. Andrii

    Nice. Thanks for the post.

  7. murchuza

    Bit late to this one, but I thought the piece was good too.

    I think temperament should also be included in the list. In particular how optimistic/pessimistic you are also affects your life. I find people who are more optimistic about things tend to seize opportunities and create circumstances for themselves. Pessimistic types tend to talk themselves out of opportunities and stop their lives changing.

    Although, I am sure optimism has burnt many people trading. I guess that’s why good traders tend to follow their rules strictly.

  8. Hi there – I totally agree. Pessimistic types do indeed talk themselves out of opportunities. Very good point. ALso I would the cynical types. CHeers