Killing Kennedy | How The Market Reacted To John F. Kennedy’s Assassination

How did the market’s react to one of history’s darkest chapters, the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22nd 1963? Watch this video:

What are your own views on the Kennedy assassination? Was it a cover up? Or was it just a “crazy” gun man acting alone?


  1. Dude, why does everything have to be a conspiracy? I disagree with you and with anyone who says JFK was a cover up. I am 100% certain Lee Harvey Oswald was acting alone. What conspiracy? show me the evidence! Show me one bloody piece of evidence that JFK was murdered by anyone other than Oswald!

  2. I think that the President was killed because of his support to blacks…

  3. There is too much evidence. its whether or not one wants to look.


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