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  1. John Monnington

    Hi Allesio,
    How do the chart patterns relate to Gold/Silver Margin Cuts and Hikes, which have a huge impact on prices? it’s difficult to see how the trends here can predict these, especially as they are generally caused by larger macro events.
    (like you say: GS does indeed rule the world)

  2. Hi John. The relationship between technical analysis and macro events (fundamentals) is a pretty detailed one – and lots of debates about it. I am a firm believer in the Dow Theory that everything about a specific market and the expectations of investors is revealed through the price (and price action). You can still use the information you get on margin but confirm them with the technicals. All the best. A

  3. ROHIT

    hey rastani

    pls help me b4 i go mad..TA is too much 2 handle..nt an easy job!!!
    m a v young trader and have taken TA after watching u on bbc!!
    i have tried many settings on charts but none are giving me results.
    best part is im doin it on demo a/c.
    pls tell me which TF ur using in dis video along with squeeze dots settings for BB/Momentum/Keltner


  4. Hi Alessio,

    I hope your well and you had a great weekend?

    On your updates released Monday, Wednesday and Friday you talk about potential moves and forecasts of what the market is doing and where it may be going.

    You talk about potential entry points but you don’t mention anything about stops??

    Please can you tell me why or am I missing something??

    Thanks again


  5. Hi Chris – thanks for your comment and very good question on my blog post. You make a good point about the stop-losses. Having thought about it, yes you are right I should mention stop losses more. It is important for traders to limit their risk and losses. That is duly noted and I will mention them more often in the video updates. Alessio