Financial Crisis | Saving Greece Will Not Save Europe

Lately I have been getting a lot of email and messages from folks asking me what I think of the Greek referendum or about the Greece rescue plan.   Let’s get one thing straight here.  Greece is a country the size of the State of Alabama.

In my view a lot of this talk about Greece is merely a smoke screen which is blinding us to a much bigger problem in this financial crisis.  This is the fact that there is a systemic liquidity risk within the banking industry as a whole.  The risks involved will send shock-waves beyond the borders of Greece.   Already we have felt the initial signs of this shock wave after the recent folding of MF Global.

Here is a great article by Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge on the probability of a domino effect beginning with the news that the CME just made the maintenance margin equal for everything.


  1. Hi,
    i’m in compleate agreement with you. I do not really understand why people from greece have to accept the financial plan and pay a lot of money when this plan is useless. Sometimes the bankruptcy of a State is better than a rescure plane (for instance Iceland), in this way is it also possible for a State to break the lack with unfair bank e to create new systems of nationl debt owned by citizen instead by foreign banks, investors and states.
    Best Regards

  2. Here is an article by super clever guy John Gray who says the euro is toast, he is friends with George Soros.

    nuff said

    hey, check out the tea and sympathy tent at occupylsx, great way to chat with ex bankers and those in work walking past

    would be a great place for you to chill out,you can then pop into the nearby cost and hot desk on their wi-fi

    up the revolution with alessio, you go teach the public how to make money from this mess, as those evil banker scum paid off the corrupt politicians to bail them out !

    power to the people my friend !

  3. Hi my name is Marq and I like reading and following your information. I think it is good and timely. You are a short trader right? Where do you see opportunity right now? In which industries do you see growth or high demand? Not as a trader but as a long term member? For example, people will always need shoes, until they can’t afford them: They will buy them until they have to make them. See what I mean? Where do you see Europe over the next few months?

  4. Thank you Andrea for your feedback.. I agree with you.

  5. Nicolas Bertini-Maioli

    Hi Alessio,
    I agree much with what you say, however, l am also very scared about this. I am a lawyer and I, maybe like many others, would like to ask you what to do with my personal savings that after 15 years of working as an investment lawyer in China, l would like not to lose it due to the need for governments to seize my bank accounts to protect their countries.

    Do you have any info to share between all of us?
    Thank you Alessio

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