Can Happiness Buy You Wealth?

This article is by our contributor Patrick Cooper, an independent financial advisor:

Patrick Cooper

It’s not just about money. Money does not buy happiness we all know that (well at least we preach it anyway!) but happiness does buy wealth.

If you know your true self you will know what your true needs are and it is always a bumpy journey to get there which, if you have been on you will know about. If you have not been on that journey, look forward to the outcome when you take it. The journey itself always comes unexpectedly and for all that take the journey it is always about money and the pain it causes.

The secret is to simply accept what is happening and know that it is your personal journey to happiness and the beginning of awareness. Never be ashamed and accept whatever happens to you along the way. Looking back at my journey it changed my wants to needs and as my wants depleted my happiness increased and my true needs became clear.

What is going on around us financially is disgusting and to most of us is now blatantly obvious. Which means the perpetrators don’t care who knows anymore.

Why? Maybe because they believe they have beaten us and now can’t lose. Well I believe they may well have underestimated what is also going on right now. This is why I know they will never win, and what exactly do they think they will win anyway? Can you imagine them all sitting round a table saying, “OK what are we going to do now?”.

If you own and control everything what can you actually achieve then, when there is nothing left to do? The awakening that is spreading across the western world particularly is the reason why what they are doing will not work.

If you are out of the money system and the control loop you don’t have anything to fear anymore and that brings awareness naturally. Many of us needed a jolt to get there, a near death experience so to speak. For many the near death experience will be the astonishing loss of financial wealth.

Awareness is not simply being aware of what is going on financially in our world, it is a wisdom, a knowledge that just comes to you when you least expect it; an acceptance of everyone and everything. It is an overwhelming love for the natural world and that includes people of all race, colour and creed.

That overwhelming acceptance creates such balance in your life you never want to go back to what you were. Only those that have been on their own journey will know this. Those that haven’t will either be laughing or curious.

Which one are you?”


  1. Had my first near death experience this last July and the experience totally changed the way I see the world.

  2. I think you overestimate the amount of awareness in the public. Even at the occupy movements many didn’t really have a clue what they were protesting against, obviously some do get it, but I watched a couple of youtube videos of some protesters trying to justify themselves and it was embarrassing.

    I hope you are right though, I hope people do learn that money doesn’t buy happiness, at least I truly believe that, but how are we to ‘get out of money system.’ I’m not sure that is actually possible. I believe that you can get out of the control system by being as financially independent as possible, which is one of the reasons why I am here, but to do that you have to work within the money system surely because the alternative is just too hard would require you own land and livestock etc which isn’t possible for 90% of people.

    Am I understanding?

  3. Hi Alan, it would be easy to overestimate the numbers you are right. Being aware is nothing to do with GS and the money issue though, it is more to do with moving through acceptance of yourself through release of fear and anger. Near death experiences can mean anything from a messy divorce to losing a close family member, or a heart attack. The wake up calls tend to ground people and they end up letting go of old lives and consequently the programming that money does. If you live in a rural area this is the most effective way to kick start that and given what is going on in urban areas, I suggest anyone who is able to move, and as soon as you can. I don’t think we can underestimate how unpleasant this is all going to get and if it isn’t well at least you will have better views!

  4. Thanks for your reply Patrick.

    I agree, I think people do focus on the wrong things and I think you are right that it takes a jolt of some kind for most people to waken up. I hope more people comment on this post tomorrow, it will be interesting to see other peoples motives for being on this site for one.

    My own personal reason is that I don’t feel like being a slave to money, working your whole life for a company that doesn’t give a crap about you so you can have money to buy things that ultimately you don’t need. I think life is more important than that and if I am to spend my time doing something I would rather it be something meaningful.

  5. money makes me happy 🙂

  6. Hi Alan, that is great to hear, we all must slip quietly into the background and look after our own and take care of our future. As the distractions increase for the UK (presumably to cover up the rising agression towards Pakistan, Syria and Iran) “The Leveson Show” winds up with celebrities awash with stories of filthy depraved acts, which have course have been going on for years and we have bought these papers! It looks like the papers are the next victims of the 0.0001%. Presumably they are not required anymore to justify the sublime acts of the aforementioned. Public vilification means we assured of justice, just a pity it is 20 years to late, interesting timing though. Self rightious indignant celebrities are wheeled on one after the other to be watched live on the show (new daytime TV) so we can sympathise with them and stare goggle eyed and disgusted before we switch over to “Xfactor” and “I’m a celebrity” In the meantime we are asset stripped and don’t even notice. Whenthe poor behaviour gets as low as the companies we work for, we believe it is acceptable to behave as they do. Well, they stole from us so we can steal from them, no wonder our kids behave so badly. When we take responsibility for ourselves then we can help and support those closest to us

  7. Very interesting Patrick.
    Thanks for the article.

  8. Great words man, great words. Good will prevail over Evil it always does, just takes some time that’s all. With pain there is gain, with pain gain.

    Thanks also to Allesio for the great webinar last night I learnt so much in a short space of time.


  9. Thank you Tim, I completely agree this whole thing will backfire on them. The awakening will happen and without control with money (which they can’t achieve if they have all of it ironically) they will be lost. It is HOW we all react that will create how many suffer, sadly of course many will because many are already drowning in their own woe and misery I used to call cash. Alessio’s webinars are brilliantly narrated in such a clear way, he makes a complex methodology very simple.

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