The Halloween Effect And The Stock Market | The Best Time to Buy and Sell Stocks

A weird event called the “Halloween Effect” happens around October and November each year…

If you are prepared for it and know what to look for, it can make you a lot of money. See video:

Year on year, history proves that your stock investments would perform better if you bought in November and sold them in April.

This phenomenon is known as the Halloween effect and there is statistical evidence going back 50 years that proves it works (see above video).

Of course, we would not just enter the market “willy nilly”.

We would look for reversal or extremely undervalued signals around November: for example, bullish divergences, sigma extremes on higher timeframes, head and shoulder patterns, and support/resistance.

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  1. Great video Alessio! Nice to see you and Nick talking about the markets again. I presume by stocks you don’t mean just individual stocks but also Stock ETFs. Cheers.

  2. Good to see that this Halloween effect also works across the pond over here in the UK. Thanks for the vid.

  3. I wonder if Ebola panic will have any impact on this.

  4. I like your Videos Alessio & a cool name too, it’s different, but easy to pronounce.

    Is there a way to “paper trade” your recommendations (in your website) to ‘test’ the strategy for 3 mos b-4 we commit funds to it?

    Thanks, Josh, Orlando, Florida

    P.S. “Hug a harmonica player, they need love too!”; ha, I play Blues-harp for a hobby.
    I’ve been to England once, & loved those “bangers & mash”, ha.

  5. i have only been following u for perhaps a month and all your calls have been right on. have i taken them no, i am waiting and waiting and waiting and then when i pounce it will be the one mistake. thanks for the video. i am a big fan.

  6. Fantastic Video Alessio.
    Bargain hunting time.

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