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  1. fra

    How do you use TTM indicator and what is it exactly?

    Also would you be open to share your trading results online (3 yrs-1yr-6 months)?

  2. Hi there. I only use two of the TTM indicators – the trend and the squeeze. They work for me and the strategies that I use. The TTM trend shows you moments when the trend is likely to change, and keeps you in that trend. The squeeze shows you when the markets go from low to high volatility (and reverse) – when red dots turn green. I like to position myself for an entry when this happens so I can capture the majority of that momentum. As for my trading results, absolutely I would be happy to.

  3. Alessio,
    could a SPY pull back to 120 be possible this week? It looks to me like we’re forming head & shoulders formation and it’s kind of in very overbought formation.

    It went up so quick do we see a correction to 120 or low 120 to bounce off the first support line or do you think it could break 130?

    Right now every where I look i can’t really get a clear picture. It’s a 50/ 50 camp of Bulls & Bears contradicting each other on markets.

  4. keisha

    Hi Alessio 🙂

    I was looking forward to this Thursday’s webinar but can’t join at the scheduled time. Will you keep it as a video here afterwards?

  5. Yes I will try to do so. We may be scheduling a later time one too. Thanks.