Gold And Silver | Market Update

A brief update on Gold and Silver.  The close above the highs of the 26th September candle has not happened on Gold, in order to establish long positions.  So while intra-day or swing short positions can be placed on Gold and Silver, we need to watch out for their respective previous lows (see videos) as a strong area of support.


  1. Great job! Keep em’ coming. I am 25 and have been wanting to get into trading. I just haven’t found a real life method of obtaining knowledge on how to actually execute orders and implement information. I hope you continue to show us the real life trading situations that exist. Thanks again.

    I want as much knowledge as you’re willing to give.

  2. Hi Alessio,

    I’m not a trader. I’m a systems engineer and a grad student in Chinese Medicine. But I watch the markets, world news, and a diverse range of views on the economy.
    I’m long gold for one reason. I think that the strong dollar is temporary. It will last as long defaults in the EU can be pushed down the road. Once Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland start sliding down the hill, it’s going to be a big fast fall for European banks and it will quickly spill over to US banks. The Bernank can’t print enough money to fill the kind of hole that will be left when all the swaps come due on these loan defaults. I think we will find out that the US banks are on the hook for more money than we thought. And nobody really knows because so much is off balance sheet.
    When the US (and EU) banks are in trouble, the Fed prints money and the value of the dollar sinks.
    When confidence that the US can continue to pay its debts, keep its AAA rating with agencies other than S&P and stave off its own bank runs fails, gold will be the only thing anyone in the world trusts.
    That said, I’m ready to sell my GLD shares as soon as US banks look weak. I think a lot of us who are in ETFs and not physical gold are going to lose a lot of money as soon as there’s a run on banks and people want to take possession of the gold they have paid for. Then the scam gets exposed. There’s a whole lot of paper being sold and no THERE there. But that’s another issue. But that probably puts gold prices through the roof as well.

    What are you thoughts on the time-line for Greek default? And how long after Greek default do Italy and Spain have?

  3. Sean, check out the Ameritrade Think or Swim software. It’s free when you create an account with them (also free) and you can trade “paper money” so no risk there! Great video here!

  4. Thanks Perig. Yes TOS is pretty good too I’ve been told.

  5. seems like gold should still be in the bull market, even though its now temporary volatile.

  6. Thank you Perig! Just signed up. Have started exploring the software and it looks like it’ll take a few days to go through all the possible actions, but i’m loving the challenge.

  7. Thanks Alessio for this update !
    If I well understood about Silver (that is my favorite), you expect a test on 26-27 again before a new direction (up or down) ?

  8. I believe it is likely Olivier. We always need to be aware of variables or changes in the market. And just trade what you see. All the best!

  9. It seems 30 was the lowest point… I prefered to enter there… will see. Thanks again !

  10. Sebtain Sultanali

    Great Video !

  11. This can be a subject shut to my heart cheers, wherever are your get in touch with facts however?

  12. Man you were used as a pawn in that video. Don’t take it to heart dude, they are just scared of your words because they quite possibly believe that the Gov will sort this mess out. when people are scared they attack the messengers, its been this way since time began. I personally have no real friends that think the way I do, and now when people attack my views I KNOW I’m telling the truth.

    The truth as the weird but wonderful David Icke says, Will set you free.

    Keep the videos coming man. This global recession is going to be one hell of a ride.


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