Sir David Frost Interview With Shocking Trader Alessio Rastani

David Frost Interview With Alessio Rastani

As we heard the sad news of Sir David Frost’s death today we would like to share this short video of an interview between Sir David and the shocking trader Alessio Rastani who announced on the BBC “Governments don’t rule the world, Goldman Sachs Rules the World”:

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What was your opinion of Sir David Frost and of the above interview? Do you find the comments “shocking” or do you agree with them? Leave us your comments below.


  1. Very interesting. And Sir David was a great man. Although I must say I still do not know why you said Goldman Sachs rules the world. Surely it was better to say “banks rule the world”?

  2. Alessio:

    Excellent interview with Sir David (as I write this, Sir David Frost just passed on, may God rest his soul); very candid and informative. My question is this, if there is a bearish market right around the horizon, what will this do to the precious metals and other commodity stocks/ETF? Should we hedge that those commodities will go long?


    Goldman Sachs is the Largest Investment Bank on Wall Street and, pretty much the largest in the world. If we’re going to understand how smart money works, I would start with understanding their history and tactics. I believe, and I could be wrong, Goldman Sachs (and the rest of the banks) manipulates the markets, especially the Forex Markets…

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  4. Alessio, I still think of you a lot. You enabled me to change my life. So thanks once again. I liked your interview with Sir David, who was also a man with the courage of his convictions to ask all kinds of questions that most people avoid. RIP Sir David.

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