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  1. jack

    thanks man, nice update

  2. Hi Jack – thanks for your comment on my blog. Happy trading!

  3. Hi there – my myspace page is: http://www.myspace.com/alessiorastani

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been using it much, but I am planning to get more active on it. Feel free to join me on my trading community on facebook: http://www.leadingtrader.com/facebook



  4. Hi Alessio, hope you’re well. This is a nice site, haven’t navigated in-depth, but still good. I’ve just finished listening to your 1st October video blog, I would like to receive your free weekly updates on the markets too please; do you also post/send your trades via email too, as you do on Facebook? I ask as I’m both curious, and presently not on Facebook.

    I attended the Seminar on the 25th/26th of September, which I enjoyed thanks. I will be joining you on the 26th-28th of November, and would like to know the dates for the Flag Trading Course so I can take time off work to attend.



  5. Hi Elekwa

    Great to hear from you and thanks for your comment.

    I don’t post my trades by email but if you go to http://www.facebook.com/alessiorastani (and click on wall) you can read my updates. You don’t have to be a member of facebook to see it – it’s a public page and anyone can see them.

    I will happily add you to my list so you can get my weekly video updates as well.

    Have great fun on the 3-day course – there is no live course for the flag programme, it is a video cd course.



  6. Thanks Alessio,

    I will check out the Facebook link. The way you said ‘Have great fun on the 3-day course says or suggests that you won’t be facilitating it….am I correct? Would be a shame if so.

    I would like to get the Video CD’s too please.

    I realise my comments do not have anything to do with your blog….and I may have more to say or enquire about further on down the line, would you rather this moves to another platform that might be more appropriate?


  7. Hi Elekwa

    Thanks for writing back, I just got your email as well. I am going to email you the links and the details that you need.

    If you wish to contact me direct feel free to email me on: alessio AT leadingtrader DOT com (the reason I have written my email like this is to prevent the online computer robots from picking my email and spamming me).



  8. Hyder

    Hi Alessio

    I am a Just now started trading guy. I dont know much about Stock Trading. I am from Bangalore city of India & I am so happy reading your blog. It is really helpful. But i think i need more help & suggestions from you for success in trading.

    Hope you will do it.



  9. Hi Hyder,

    The best way to get started in trading is to master 3 things: 1) a very good trading strategy, 2) trading discipline and psychology and 3) how to manage risk.

    I send out a free weekly video which covers the most important markets and you can learn a lot from the way I trade. You can get the videos by emailing me on:
    Contact AT leadingtrader.com

    Best wishes for your success and thanks for your comment,

  10. Jaroslava

    What you wrote is terrible and I’m afraid it survive! In the spring I purchased fifteen thousand shares of CME Group for all the money our family and they fell fifty procent.A even if they fall, so I was a beggar….

  11. Nik

    Hi Alessio,

    I’m not a trader or economist, but I think I have some common sence and what you say rings true – thanks for sharing. It remains for me to ponder if I should buy my first house now (I think my job is stable) or wait for house prices to fall with the economy…


  12. Hi Nik, thanks for your comment. Even though I am not a property guy, I think it is only common sense that even now is still a good time to buy. A climate of fear is the best time to exploit to your advantage. If sellers think the prices will go lower they will negotiate. If they think market has bottomed out, they may not. Well done.