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  1. giuliocesare


  2. Bob O'Keefe

    Appreciate the video — helped me with the stop loss technique! I will use!

  3. nice and clear.
    need more.

  4. very good post, i was really searching for this topic as i wanted this topic to understand completely and it is also very rare in internet that is why it was very difficult to understand

    thank you for sharing this.


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  5. Hi Mr Alessio Rastani am a NIgerian and want to introduced into this trading business how

  6. It was a awe-inspiring post and it has a significant meaning and thanks for sharing the information.Would love to read your next post too……



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  7. Leon

    any thought on how/where to buy silver?

  8. Great tips and a really hilarious but valuable video from Alessio Rastani thanks alot

  9. Alvin Payne

    Nice video. But lets keep in mind that we need to be wise in investing and predicting this. Be wise. Don’t enter thinking you can win thousands of dollars just willy nilly. Do your homework. We can’t predict the stock market, but you can gauge it with the best information possible. Still a great site and keep on posting. Thank you.