Best Online Trading Platform | 5 Reasons Why ETX Capital Is The Best Platform for Trading

There are 5 qualities you want in a broker and online trading platform…

We have tested many different trading platforms and we found only one broker which ticks all the boxes. Here are the top 5 reasons why we selected ETX Capital as the best online trading platform:

The major reason why we trade and use ETX Capital as our main broker and online trading platform is that they are a quality broker. Not all brokers meet the standard of quality, but ETX Capital does.

The top 5 reasons why we trade with ETX are that they provide the following:

1. Fast Execution;
2. Reliable quotes;
3. Flexible and user-friendly controls;
4. Advanced charts; and
5. Good and friendly customer service.

One of the common mistakes people make when they choose a broker is that they simply look for the one that charges them the lowest commission or the tightest spread. This is totally wrong.

While it is understandable to look for brokers with the smallest charges, the more important matter is whether your broker is “quality”. For this reason, we trade with ETX because they are a quality broker.

A quality broker such as ETX Capital ensures that client funds are kept safe and secure. One of the main things that ETX do is to separate client funds from their own company funds. This gives you peace of mind that the money in your trading account is SAFE.

In any case, the ETX commissions and spreads are very low and overall excellent.

We execute all our trades – whether currencies, stocks, futures or commodities etc. – on their trading platform (as shown in the video above).

Another important aspect of ETX Capital is their ethical and friendly staff. You may think this is not that important, but it is. The staff at ETX have generally been very helpful towards our clients – and they accepted our request to add the Top 10 gold and silver stocks (which you cannot find on many other broker platforms).

For more information, check out their website here: .

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