Alessio Rastani | A Big Thank You From Alessio

Over the past few days I have been inundated with email and comments of support from thousands, if not millions, of you all around the world.

I have had almost every major news television and radio station in the world wanting to interview me, plus offers for making films and documentaries.  I also have had letters and comments of support from other traders.

One of the emails which really touched me was from a man who thanked me for my honesty, but was also worried about how he was going to be able to take care of his own family and children if the recession really hit and he lost his job.  I also had a letter from an elderly retired gentleman who had worries about his own pension.  These are also the genuine worries of a lot of people around the world, they are important and need to be addressed.

In the meantime, I want to extend my thanks to all of you, including those of you have joined me on Facebook and Twitter.  I have not had time to respond to all of your comments and emails yet, but I will do my best to reply to all of you as soon as I can.


  1. to better use this moment of maximum peak in traffic and interest about person of yours, i think you should do a series of blog posts covering every “chapter” of your famous statements on BBC interview.

    so to let ordinary people understand what were you talking about, and most importantly, just to give them a hint in what direction to start taking care of their future profit 🙂

    i’d love to read more!

  2. You just did right, alert the people that the storm is coming…to get their umbrellas as soon as possible….Hug Man….Great work!

  3. Yes, please use this opportunity to wake Americans up to the Bankers…as Jefferson warned MORE DANGEROUS than STANDING ARMIES

    Armies come to kill and we can see then, BANKERS destroy a nation in the night
    and get away with it!

  4. Hi Alessio,

    I would also like to thank you for your honesty even though some of us are aware that the government doesn’t care about us. I hear all the time how we will lose our pensions and that we cannot count on it for retirement. This scares me a lot, quite frankly.

    I am a single woman with a permanent position in the Canadian federal government. Now, “permanent position” today means stability, regular paycheck and full pension. However, I am not too naive to know that tomorrow, this may be a different matter. The Harper government has already tried to take away federal employees’ pension but was unsuccessful. This does not mean they have given up and I’m quite sure they will get what they are after in a few years.

    So I cannot count on this pension and up to now, basically have no savings. I’m trying to pay off all my debts which should be done in 5 years. I do not own at the moment and use public transportation (Montreal transit system rocks.)

    With my regular paycheck and after expenses, I have about $200 a month I can save. What do you suggest I do with this money? I don’t think I will lose my job if a recession hits because we are unionized and they still have a little bit of pull (or at least for the next couple of years!) I know you said to take this coming year in order to prepare for economic chaos, therefore, this worries me incredibly. Do you have advise for people in my situation?

    By the way, you must be pretty solid if you can take this amount of heat coming your way. I also believe in God and I completely support you if this is a sincere attempt at helping people. Well done!

  5. I thought the consensus was that you were a scam artist who lost 10k over the last few years and trading was just a hobby for you. Please clear this up if it is not true because that is what is widely reported.

  6. You´ve said the truth guy… Goldman sachs rules the world.
    I nearly died laughing when I saw the faces of those who were watching your TV interview, they were astonished!!
    I´m a small argentinian stock investor who is not being very lucky this year. I hope the world to avoid the recession. It appears not in my dreams but in my nightmares.

  7. Thanks Alberto for your comment.

  8. Alessio, congratulations on your well deserved celebrity. I have followed Peter Schiff since the 2008 crash and have been expecting a further melt down ever since. It is now looking imminent.

    You mentioned purchasing put options on BBC radio, I have been looking at put options in US financials, namely JPM and AXP. Who would be your candidates, the trigger point for entry, strike price and duration?

    Perhaps you could do a video blog on this little understood subject? Anyway, would appreciate your input.

  9. John – thanks for your comment. I think people can judge for themselves on this blog the truth and validity of who I am and what I do. Happy trading.

  10. I feel for you Kristyna – and thank you for taking the time to write. First thing is, don’t give up hope. We always need that. I will do my best to offer genuine people like yourself as much information as I can on this blog. Keep you posted.

  11. Alessio,

    You’ve got some balls!!
    The moment I saw the BBC interviewer’s face, I became an instant fan!
    Now, can you please elaborate on how to protect what we have, then we can move to gaining from the impending market meltdown.

    Thanks and if nothing else keep up that brutal honesty!

  12. Thank you Alessio for your courage and the truth. I agrree with everything you said. There is one thing I know for sure and that is here in America we will be looking at inflation like we have never seen it before. What should I do?
    Warmest regards,

  13. Here is another comment.I lack yer courage,I lack yer insight, I lack yer acumen, but here, by God, is a comment.

  14. You just bitch-slapped the world with truth. Question is can they handle it?

  15. Thank you for share you knowledge with us. I have no job, and I have been working hard all my life, but I still poor. What we can do? thank you.

  16. Whether there will or will not be a recession, I am extremely grateful for you honest and brave comments on BBC; I love you my friend. Thank you.

  17. i lisening you and you are great ..honestly ..and higher courage.

  18. Alessio, what you said on tv really hurts. In America there are already so many families who have gone homeless in this economic tradgedy and so many others are barely just making ends meet till the next paycheck arrives. There are no savings for many people. If such a catostrophic economic nightmare comes what will the people do? There are a lot more people with a lot more to lose than in 1929. We all know that the stock market and bank problems in the U.S. were criminally created. It looks like the Goldman-Sachs and Bilderbergers are all ready to survive while a worldwide genocide will bring the planets population back down to a managable elite 3 billion or so? The energy summit in Canada this last year did reveal there is only 80 years of oil left for the planet–that equals a couple more decades of gas prices within reach of the average consumer. This planets resources are on empty. An orchestrated worldwide mega depresssion/genocide is the the plan to bring things back into balance so the ultra rich can survive on whats left of the planet with a few of us survivors left over as their slaves. Basically your interview put 4 billion people on death notice. I just hope it doesn’t happen and economic recovery is just agonizingly slow. A worldwide economic crash would certainly feed into the Christian’s fanatical idea the “mark of the beast” being implemented.

  19. Keep up the good work Alessio. Cheers from a fellow trader.

    Honesty is the best policy!

  20. It touched me to see you on the CNN interview. You seemed chocked and afraid. Don’t be. There’s a lot of people supporting you now. More than ever before in your life.

    Use this opportunity to find your niche – not everyone wants to hear you/it. I listened to your latest analysis on FB and you was not clear about who you were addressing. Don’t try to copy other people – find your niche instead and I will keep on listening to you.

    I’m a private investigator and trader and I agree to your message in the BBC-interview. There are many blogs with similar messages, but you’ve managed to reach BIG media…

    Keep up the work and don’t be afraid!

  21. Pls remove my surname (Ekespong) before publishing.

    Sorry. My mistake.

  22. support from thousands if not millions, thats quite a WIDE SPREAD

  23. Thank You! Alessio!:D the world always needs the truth the most, cause all governments lie to us all the time! And also we lie to ourselves! Cheerio!

  24. I love you dude.
    You just get famous and revolutioned all the world with just some words of honesty. (It doesn’t matter if you are a real trader or a fake one), you just said what the people wanted to hear.
    Whatever, you’ll probably will get tons of jobs.

    Good luck in your life.

  25. Hi Josef. I understand your point. If I have managed to wake up a few people then maybe it was worth it. I did not want to hurt anyone. Thank you.

  26. Your cool, take the tv and film offers, go for it, this is a ‘black swan’ event, you will be able to sell a whole ton of books and trading courses.

    The world is full of tax dodging business people, corporations and crooked politicians, all you did was tell the truth, your focused on trading, not the other stuff, which is how it should be, the other stuff is for the politicians to deal with.

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  28. That interview on BBC got my vote for TWAT of the year.
    Reminds me of one of the great HENRY KELLY speaches of all time.

  29. Alessio, you have been irresponsible and I sincerely hope you go to jail for creating unnecesary fear. You are not an Economist and giving that kind of advice on the BBC is shameful.

    I hope you get what you deserve

  30. John you are pitiful you are posting a link to someone that pumps and dumps pennies which makes him below scum.

  31. Sophia, what do “economist” mean? Many economist have been advising for years and what we have? Crysis. I think his words are more truely than their…

  32. Robs – That is true – economists cannot even agree between themselves as to the solution or as to reasons why we are in this mess.

  33. Here’s my updated S&P500 long term chart.

    New lows are coming.

    Be careful folks.

  34. I have 39 years life experience.
    ‘Seen a lot of ugly people…
    But you Alessio, are a good guy, I know that for sure.
    Going to follow your youtube-channel dude..!
    Thank you…

  35. You stood your ground on Adrian Chiles show,even though you`re preaching to the unitiated..trying to `tell `em like it is`..hat off to you !! I wish you`d set up ` Robin Hood Site` where the us `peasants` could gain some clout with the big boys! Thanks Alessio!

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