Trades By Traders: Reversion To The Mean Setup with LT Reversion – Video By Lesley Mitchell

Video by Lesley Mitchell showing how she is trading “reversion to the mean” conditions in the market using the LT Reversion indicator.

My comment on the trade above:
Lesley, that was a great trade because you followed the setup and the risk management rules perfectly – good job indeed! You deserve all the credit. However, bear in mind that when the VIX is above its weekly 21 EMA (which is the case now) we do not take Reversion trades. So be careful about taking reversion trades in the coming days or weeks due to the increase in volatility, until the VIX has stabilised. Good trading!

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  1. alessio,, good morning,,i set stop losses $1.00 below buy price,, the market fell so fast i had to cancel stop losses, and order a sell losses were four.four percent..this was several days ago.. now sitting on the side and watching to see what happens next.i see many small buys of a stock,for several days, then a large sell red comes in canceling out all the green. to me, the bears are in control ,,i am happy with a $ 100.00 day profit,, i hit $ 2000.00 a day several tines. maybe this comming friday the market might turn,,with limited funds,,i try to score good every play,, (82 yr old) I am mostly a day trader,,but this last time i tried to place some overnight trades,, i am like a sponge watching you, and your vidos, and lectures ,,, sincerely jim

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