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  1. Dave

    Well you were clearly wrong on this one.

  2. Hi Dave. Thanks for your feedback. Actually, with respect, I wasn’t wrong at all. In my article I wrote that Silver needs to break out of its triangular consolidation pattern and break past $20 resistance in order for it to be a viable long or “buy” signal. Silver did indeed do both those things and as we saw it rallied to higher prices ($49 in April).

    It is true that I was perhaps a bit too cautious at the time of writing. However, I wasn’t actually saying that silver is not worth investing but merely certain technical conditions need to be met before we buy it. We are not gamblers.
    All the best!

  3. Donny


    Why are you not a proponent of the buy and hold strategy when it comes to gold and silver?

    I’m not worried about the current price level. I’m very long on PMs. I’ve been buying and holding for 8 years and have seen this shake down happen multiple times and each time silver responds and reaches new highs.

    What would you do differently (rather than simply holding) if you were sitting on 2000 oz of physical silver of which a large portion was bought at $6-10 an ounce?

    Thank you.

  4. João

    Hi, Alessio.

    I congratulate you for your courage to “make a difference” exposing the present chaotic economical situation, despite the huge opportunities to make money out of it. I have been watching some of your videos and reading some of your posts and I think you’re absolutely right. Things are going to “rock”…very hard…
    I have one question about future trend on silver: being certain that the need for silver in techno industries would rise steeply, do you think that some events like this weeks discovery of some 170 tons of silver on a sunk ship i the Atlantic from WWII, will it have any effect on stock prices in the upcoming weeks? Excuse my ingenuity, but I’m not a trader…
    As for gold trends, I notice that in Portugal (that’s where I’m from…)in the earlier 6-8 months now, there has been an “explosion” of “Gold”Pawn shops, passing from a mere 10-15 shops in late January to more than 350 country wide in the present moment, and rising… In the news, tey say that portuguese people are pawning/ selling about a Ton of Gold/ month. Is this a sign of further rising in gold prices, worldwide? Or are we watching a pre-recession trend like in the USA in the 1930’s?
    Hope my english is not too bad; if so, my excuses, I don’t have that much oppotunities to practice it.

    Will be following your upcoming posts.

    Best regards from Portugal.


  5. Donny – what I was saying was that whenever you buy any stock or commodity you need to know when to sell. Exit strategy is important.