Will Gold Go To 1300? | Outlook on Gold Markets

Traders Alessio Rastani and Kevin Burton discuss the outlook on Gold for the coming weeks and months (see above video).

One of the topics discussed was that Gold is looking very choppy at the moment and not attractive environment for traders.

Gold has also tested a critical support level around the 1550 – 1560 region. This levels have been tested in September and December 2011.

Kevin Burton believes that the more time Gold comes and tests this level it has a higher probability of breaking this level.

When Alessio asks Kevin at what price he will buy Gold if it gets cheaper, Kevin replies that the yellow metal needs to get a lot more cheaper – such as 1300 – before it becomes a buy for him.

Do you agree with the views discussed here and in this video? Let us know and leave your comment below.


  1. If gold drops to 1300 I will temporarily lose a fair bit of money, but that drop will also make me happy for as a long term investment I’d love to buy gold that cheaply. It would hurt badly, more than most financial pains I’ve experienced, but I’m still long term bullish so I think it would be temporary (hopefully < 1 year) pain.

  2. John – thanks for your comment! Totally agree with what you say here. I will be a buyer (and a happy one) even at lower prices! Cheers. Alessio

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