Spain Bailout | Alessio Rastani Interview With Spanish Talk Radio on Bailout of Spain

Alessio Rastani talks to Spanish Talk Radio and gives his frank views on the Spanish Bailout and the European Crisis.

He also expresses a controversial view on the outcome of the financial markets in the weeks ahead.

During the interview, the interviewer Steve Gilmour, asks Alessio why he said that the “banks are in charge” and not the governments. Alessio responds by giving a Steve an interesting analogy (see video podcast above).

At the end of the interview Alessio explains how people can hedge against the inflationary forces that could befall us.

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  1. There is has been a lot in the alternative press now for a number of years about a perceived western banking collapse.

    Even the Pritcher of Elliot wave fame wrote a book about 10 years ago saying that there would be a total collapse.

    I have been hearing about this since 2008 and still no collapse.

    What is your opinion? Should I be building a bunker in the back garden that is made of tins of beans?

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