Has Gold Bottomed?

Since Gold’s recent 50 point gain this week, social media sites are buzzing with “Gold has bottomed”. But are they right? See video below:

What are your own views? Leave us your comment below.


  1. Definitely bottomed mate. I totally disagree. Gold cannot go any lower, can it?

  2. Agree any bottom are re-tested. I buy on a regular basis below 1250$/ounce.

  3. Bradley Scarbrough

    Hello Mr. Rastani. I caught you on the BBC saying that “Goldman Sachs owns the world,” and I thought to myself, “this guy is smart, honest, and brave.” Since then, I looked you up on YouTube and I’ve been watching your interviews across the media. Thank you for your refreshing honesty. I am very excited to be subscribed to your website and I look forward to learning as much as I can from you.

  4. Hi Alessio

    I find your analysis and take on gold somewhat refreshing and unbias.

    Looking past the charts what is your personal opinion on the disconnect between paper gold and physical gold?
    There is a lot of talk on the NET about backwardation, GOFO rates and the physical inventory draw downs from the vaults of JPM, Comex and BofE.


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