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  1. Impressive writing. Valuable lessons too.

    Came across your bold testimonial in the BBC. Searched around and found this blog.

    Wishing you all the success and prosperity from trading the stock markets ..

    A fellow trader .. 🙂

  2. D Bowskill

    The Daily Mail have stolen your photos and are crediting the copyright of them to Facebook. If I were the actualy copyright holder, I’d send them a bill. £450 per use should be about right.

  3. JMB

    What you are writing is super basic stuff found on the back of a cereal packet. Your ideas are unoriginal and very low. I guess you live in the Suburb on daddy’s money and now you are out for fun like Gad S.
    Next thing you’ll be doing is opening an indoor snow centre…

  4. JMB – I understand your point. The fact is that in trading, the more you keep it simple the better you are at it. People who think they are smart and look for complicated stuff end up just hurting themselves. Thanks.

  5. prakash manandhar

    write something about ” proper trading plan ” if not the magical pill

  6. Peter Woźniak

    Hello. Intresting blog. Can you tell what pairs do you trade on forex and what interval do you use? What periods of moving average do you use? 20, 50, 200, and some more?

  7. Tom Inwood

    Have you read ‘Come Into My Trading Room’? This post is a summary of that book.

  8. Tom – I have heard of it and Alexander Elder is a trader I highly respect. Thanks.

  9. DeadAsEuro

    Th many jealous people… That’s human nature.

    When we expose ourself to public we are never being loved by every one…

    Great pedagogy.