UK Stocks | Next Move For FTSE UK 100 Stocks

Uk Stock exchange

Here is a short video I made earlier about the potential next moves on the FTSE UK 100. We focus on the LT Sigma indicator and what it means for UK Shares. Plus we take a look at the next levels of support and “long” opportunities on UK stocks:


  1. Hello Alessio,

    You did a vid for the FTSE100, in it you stated the price @ the beginning of the year was 6100.

    I’ve got the closing price last year (Dec 31) as 5897. The next trading day it closed @ 6027, am I right or are you please? My data is from advfn.

    Love your videos btw and your interviews on London Real.

    Thanks Peter Taylor

  2. Hi Peter – as a matter of fact you are correct about 5897 – that IS the close at end of 2012. When I did the video I had zoomed out in the chart quite a bit – and so I did not see the exact level. Also – I was sceptical (and still am) that FTSE 100 will break below the psychological 6000 level, so maybe that’s why I did not consider the 5897 level. In any case – thanks for your comment, I greatly appreciate it. Glad to hear you enjoy the videos. Regards, Alessio

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