Time to Buy USD/JPY (Dollar-Yen) and Japanese Stocks?

Japan Flag

Dollar-Yen or USD/JPY and Japanese Stocks have been some of the biggest trends of 2013. But after a 20% correction in the Nikkei Index and a decline in the USD/JPY, we ask whether it is time again to buy Dollar-Yen and Japanese Stocks?

George Soros seems to think so. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Soros has returned to shorting the yen and buying Japanese Stocks.

Watch this short video as to where we could be heading next on USD/JPY and the Nikkei:

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Alessio Rastani is a stock market trader at www.leadingtrader.com


  1. The technicals are spot on! i hope the fundamentals carry through, ive been long on the USD/JPY since the reversal candlestick and so far the trades looking positive.

  2. Thank you Shahab. Yes the odds of this one are pretty good. Fundamentals also stack up in my view. All the best with your trades!

  3. Well it kind of worked for me I was up 1.7k. Then kind of lost it all, sigh… I still have ways to go. It also dropped like a hammer like an hour ago. Anyways good try lol

  4. Just hang on, USD-JPY was trading at 140 level 15 years ago and the current Japanese economy is worst than then. The weak yen long term cycle is back in play, this is just a deep correction to shake people out.

  5. Totally agreed Anton. This is most likely a shakeout – and a good correction to buy at.

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