Reverse Trading | Doing The Opposite of Every Losing Trade

What if you had done the reverse of every losing trade you ever had? The result would surely be a highly winning trading strategy – right?

In this “genius” experiment, we tested the idea of doing the opposite of a losing trading strategy.

We built two algorithms (or two EAs) – one called the “Master” and the other called the “slave”. The Master takes trades based on a highly aggressive strategy that loses more than wins – and the slave just reverses that i.e. it does the exact OPPOSITE of whatever the Master does.

What were the results of this experiment? See this video:

As the video shows, reverse trading is a really bad idea.

For one thing, your broker’s spread will mean that your gains on the “slave” strategy (or “slave” EA) will always be less (about 50% less) than the losses on the Master.

Secondly, it only takes one big winning trade on the Master to then evaporate the result or gains on the slave.

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