5 Responses to “False Downside Breakout On The Dow A Reversal?”


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  2. Alessio Rastani

    My pleasure and thanks for taking the time to write me your comment. Best wishes for your future. Cheers, Alessio

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  4. Tyler Evans

    This is completely true, and I can say this because I myself made a lot of money during the downfall of 08. I starting investing around early 09 and invested in KFN, LVS, HUN, and GGP. All of these stocks were under 3 dollars or lower when I purchased them and I made a nice profit from all of them. My only regret was not holding them longer because my profits would have been much larger. From what I am hearing the crash is supposed to happen some time in October, and that’s when everyone will panic and sell providing the opportunity to buy cheap stocks. I was told back at the end of 09 that there would be a double dip, and it looks like it is almost hear. There is a little saying that I have come up during my years of trading and that is “Follow the Goldman road”. Good luck everyone and the opportunity to buy cheap stocks and make an easy profit is closer then you think.

  5. Very insightful comment. Thanks you.