Alessio Rastani On Tip TV: “Money Is Made In A Bear Market!”

Here is a short video of an interview between Alessio Rastani and Nick Batsford of Tip TV. Subjects discussed are whether stocks will crash in 2014, does Goldman Sachs still rule the world and why money is made in a bear market, NOT a bull market:

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  1. Alessio, you forgot to mention the Rothschild and the Rockefeller family who have been holding the entire world ransom and in debt. It’s not just Goldman Sachs. You should tell everyone to watch the movie Zeitgeist about this!

  2. Good interview. But why would there be a crash in 2014 when as you said before that “mom and pop” investors are going to jump in? I am still not clear on this.

  3. Good interview. But what about the “mom and pop” investors you talked about before? Won’t markets go up when these guys join the market?

  4. The Fed won’t let this market crash. But if it does, what is the best way to hedge do you think?

  5. Nice video, thanks Alessio

  6. It takes real big balls to state those views of yours Alessio…I commend you and others that are lifting the lid, so to speak. The truth is becoming more a trend now than the lies we have been hypnotized into believing throughout the last 60 years. Your education is empowering and very interesting…Thankyou! P.S I’d like to hear something about what you might expect from the banksters in the next 50 years, however impossible it may seem to us. The book ‘1984’ written by Orwell and Brave New World’ written by Huxley, seems outdated now.

  7. Do what the Chinese are doing, back up the truck and buy physical gold & silver, but keep it out of the banking system and avoid the ETFs


    Could a correction lead to more QE followed by hyperinflation leading to new highs?

  9. Laurence Zankowski


    Fantastic, you show a passion for getting the info out there. I am listening and watching. Your webinars are a info overload to say the least. This interview is just more reason to research and learn about the market. Would be neat if you did a regular tip tv gig.

    Just sayin!

    Be well


  10. Great interview! I recommend you to have in mind real interest rates as “crash indicators” as well.


  11. I think you it was a great interview , A healthy shake up of the markets 🙂

  12. Brilliant, as ever A
    A sig pullback in West ties in with what’s happening in Japan and with ¥. If Nikk -> below 12k I’m diving in with both feet and hands for the long term. hedging against debasing ¥. Maybe sub 11k or even sub 10k.

    As to Debbie above – they already have! Since last Spring.

  13. Hi Alessio,

    I love this interview!!!!!!
    All the best

  14. Alession if the markets are going down, what is your recommeded strategy when that moment comes?

  15. Don’t think we are going into bear, I watched tiptv on 26 ,this man Andre from clever games is sure that DJIA is moving this year to 20k, I agree with him , he seems to know his stuff ,no disrespect to yourself Allessio.

  16. I think April will see some sort of revival in the fortunes of stocks and june could be a volatile month but after august until the end of the year we are likely to see quite a substantial decline in stocks and I believe at least a mini recession.

    kind regards john

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