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  1. DeadAsEuro

    Great article I only use it for divergence.

    Never for continuation. I prefer using swing pivot point in the TAZ (between ema8 and ema21)

    Your demo is a plus for retracement/continuation.

    The Frenchy (W/ many Morocco pieces)

    PS: Sorry for the english

  2. Hey Alessio This is one of your best mini tutorials yet methinks. Step by step and loving your marking out as you go. Visual really helps clarify verbal info. Thanks d

  3. Niki

    Thanks Alessio, your website and mini videos are like a bright light to the many newbie trading moths! 🙂

  4. Joe

    Your tutorials and webinars are AWESOME! Thank you so much, learning huge amounts each day from your site and putting my friends onto it.

  5. Dawson Lodge

    Yes, the elusive search for the Holy Grail indicator!
    In the 35 years I have been involved in Technical Analysis,
    I have seen a lot of this delusional and lazy thinking.

    But even worse, is the search for the Holy Grail Trading System !

    If you speak to the professional gamblers in Las Vegas, they will
    tell you that the “System Traders” are the bread and butter of the
    casinos who don’t mind giving up a few bucks to keep the addicts
    filled with hope and coming back to the tables……

    My favorite “automatic systems” are the ones that generate lots
    of small profits with the occasional huge loss. Really cracks me
    up when people who should know better keep shooting themselves
    in the foot.

    Good luck with your students !

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  7. Brendan

    Ed Thorp had a system in casinos that was so successful, he got banned from them