Oil Stocks | Is It Time To “Load Up” On Stocks In The Oil Sector?

Oil Stocks have got cheaper in the past 2 years due to the crash in oil prices.

But it is time yet to start “loading up” on the best oil stocks? Watch this video:

As Alessio Rastani suggests in this video, it is perhaps not worth getting into oil stocks yet. There are concerns that the “sentiment” on oil stocks is still too bullish. This is according to data from Jason Goepfert of sentimentrader.com which tracks sentiment levels in the markets.

We shall keep an eye on the oil markets. For further updates join our trading service on the link above.

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  1. I just have, basic questions basically, as a student I would be willing to start with 2000 euros, would ETX eat up my funds with too large fees? Just trying to learn and understand what the markets are all about over all.

    Thanks for all the help, but reading “The Big Short” by Micheal Lewis im just trying to figure out how your trying to fool me, what are you getting out of giving people advice? Almost seems to good to be true! Sorry for me being so sceptical but if you have read the book you know why I ask! =) Thanks!

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