5 Responses to “Get Ready For A Stock Market Reversal”


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  1. Franz

    Hi Alessio,

    that means, as a trader, that you would short the Nasdaq for the up coming, and following, weeks?

  2. Helene Öhman

    Nice presentation.

  3. Erik

    Great presentation, love your work!

    I’ve also noticed that for the past few days on an intraday basis the VIX (as per the VXX ETF) is outperforming the broader market indexes. When the market is rising, the VIX stays flat — and when the market is falling, the VIX races to the upside at a faster rate than the market falls. This is all quite the opposite of the VIX’s behaviour over the past few months.

  4. PAC

    I find it funny that 3 months ago, when the FT called you and asked about the VIX, you could barely say what it was; i can see you have been studying-up!

  5. MNYC

    I sure hope so, Alessio. As of now every dip seems to be bought