Who Really Rules The World? | Alessio Rastani Interview On Australian Radio

Australian Radio presenter Robert Salisbury interviews controversial stock trader Alessio Rastani who stated in a live BBC interview in 2011 that “Goldman Sachs rules the world” – not the governments…

Australian Radio wants to know whether Alessio still stands by this statement on the day of Obama’s inauguration. Watch this video:

(Please note that Alessio Rastani is NOT political and does not support any political party.)

Feel free to leave me your own comments and thoughts below the video. Do you agree with me? What do else you think I could have mentioned that I did not?


  1. Hey Alessio – interesting interview. I know you are not a conspiracy theorist but actually a realistic guy. I attended one of your talks at the University of London where you said everything you mentioned about the banks and Goldman Sachs are based on your own personal experience. Most bankers and traders also agree with you on this. Even ex goldman sachs employees agree. have a good one mate. Stephen.

  2. I can’t say I agree with you Alessio. How exactly do banks control the world? I still don’t get it. surely the people we elect are the people making decisions? Am I missing something here?

  3. Your great Alessio, I honestly want to learn from you before these people get ticked off with the truth you come out with. Thanks again Alessio.

  4. @Armin: Pick up a brick and hit your head with that. I am sure you wake up then.

  5. As an Aussie I found this particularly relevant. Id like to know your thoughts on the US stock market and government bonds, in your famous bbc interview you made a call that bonds would rally and you were correct, do you still feel this way ?

  6. Armin has to be the most naive person I’ve met in a long time. Who do you think bankrolls political parties and the politicians within it?

  7. As an ‘Ellene interested in the real History of Human Kind and coming from a country with more than 40000 years of History presented from the conventional books as a less than 5000 years ,i fear things are much more worst than you think Alessio.
    Goldman Sachs is nothing.
    Ellas ,the Las of El , the Land of God ,is not being attacked only for resources.
    Humanity has fallen.
    I hope not for long.
    USA rounds China ,Russia has its fleet at the Med ,Syria is the last frontier to be attacked in Asia ,Israel “prepares” the temple ,Christians are being haunted and killed ,the ancient wisdom remains hidden from the public ,Everybody attacks Greece and some people still think that the only nation that was never a true and free nation ,Germany ,has the solution because of economic power in Europe. Economic power is the least. Their people are being fooled and Their solution is to make us all the same.
    Time to wake up.

  8. I think you have missed a major part of the plan. I believe they want a global cashless society. With ever increasing technology, it is a very real possibility to see every human with an RFDI chip with their bank account info on it. If they don’t like the way you act, they will cut you off. Its the New World Order, the laws of men not jungles. Theodore Roosevelt said, during the 1907 Jamestown Exposition, that man can never escape being governed either they must govern themselves or submit to being governed by others. Every year more and more people think of new ways to commit crimes. As a result, mankind needs a global super government. A global economic crises will be a good way to help establish a NWO. Then again, I’m just some guy running his keyboard on the internet!


  9. The Jooz run the banks and they start the wars

    Mel Gibson was right, but had to apologize for his career salvation and the fact the Jooz run media.

    Look at the president of CBS to start.
    Leslie Moonves

  10. Hi Alessio, it was a nice interview. I would also expect your view as regards with the undertaking of the Bank of England’s leadership by the other Goldman guy, Mark Carney. What we should anticipate with this move? Let us know your thoughts….

  11. Alessio, another blockbuster interview from you. This is fantastic info and I offer my continued support and gratitude for your work and insights.

    I’d like to learn more about the collapse of the dollar – specifically what exactly it would take for other countries to drop it as the reserve. Is there a realistic scenario where that will happen? If it does, how will the Fed respond?

  12. The comments are quite alarming! Most people still doubt. Which is why I interviewed Alessio. He is doing great work, in illuminating the truth to people.

    We have made great leaps forward from the era of total enslavement. But we are essentially slaves with mobility and consumer power. But make no mistake the world is run by specific individuals, aligned to wealthy families, for the benefit of their assets – held in Banks and Corporations.

    The concept of Governance and control for the benefit of the ‘People’ has yet to exist.

    Which is why I am writing DIE DOLLAR DIE. To put into Fiction, the reality of our world.

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