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  1. Nick

    I decided to sell almost all of my stocks when the s&p 500 hit 1315 yesterday. I’ll feel good about that unless it runs up to 1325 with no move to the downside. I know you’re looking to short equities and gold (they are somewhat correlated). If the s&p 500 breaches 1330 instead of moving downward like you and I think it will, should I then be bullish on equities, gold and silver? Also, how long do you think this downward trend in gold and silver will last? I ask this because i think it’s bull run is due this year with likely expansion of the monetary base probable this year when the market stagnates

  2. seron

    You guys gonna miss a huge move printing presses will be running on fullspeed slready do shorting this market is gonna be painfull the massive shakeout you missed no continue and wait for the next 1. Or rather buy the dips on some good retrace and go with the fed and the central banks then going against it or are you a amateur or a pro just asking?…

    And yeah this you get for free from a big trader but not goldman and sachs but i can move the markets if i want to..

  3. Seron – thanks for your comment. You’re absolutely right, any pullback or retracement to a support level is a buying opportunity.

  4. Asking Alessio

    Alessio, if Goldman Sachs want the markets to collapse as you mentioned – then why the heck everything goes up but the dollar? Where is that flight to safety that would make the dollar jump against all other currencies?

    The dollar fell so much against all currencies, it looks such a bad currency now, and I’m like you don’t buy this Greece story and I know their prime minister ocmes from Goldman Sachs but what exactly is their interst, is it really financial collapse or perhaps they want to fool the whole world that the Euro can be a stable currency?!